Looking for a Kitchen Center in Como?

Vogue Cucina & Arredo: your ideal partner for designing and building your kitchen

In its Inverigo showroom, Vogue Cucina & Arredo features a great selection of kitchen furnishings: the company works with important partners in the sector. With their unique features, these companies enable Vogue Cucina & Arredo to offer furnishings in both classic and modern styles, which can be customized to meet a wide variety of different requirements.

With its extensive experience in its sector, Vogue Cucina & Arredo can oversee and direct the design and construction process of your kitchen according to your needs, whether you wish to furnish your own kitchen with highly elegant, world renown prestigious solutions, or you prefer a "young" solution that is more convenient without sacrificing quality.

The product line is not limited to classic and modern kitchens "only", but also interprets the wishes of customers interested in country kitchens and models in masonry, with undertones ranging from the classic to the rustic provincial.

Valcucine: creativity, beauty and ergonomic design

Vogue Cucina & Arredo is an official Valcucine dealer

For thirty years, Valcucine has made the user's needs the focal point of its work by including in its range kitchens which feature functionality, ergonomic design and safety. The ultimate goal is to maximize customer satisfaction, also by offering creativity and design.


Snaidero: classic and modern kitchens

Vogue Cucina & Arredo is an official Snaidero dealer

A brand that has always emphasized research, technology and innovation, with the goal of improving the livability of the home, and expresses Made in Italy style in the best way possible, thanks to cooperation with major players in international design.


Arredo3: quality products, even for the younger set

Vogue Cucina & Arredo is an official Arredo3 dealer

A broad selection of furnishings in both classic and modern styles, with solutions that highlight different characteristics to meet the customer's needs either for the sturdiness and practicality of kitchens from days gone by, or for a minimal appearance and innovative materials, combined with a choice of some 120 combinations of colors, types of wood, laminates and enamel finishes.


Cesar: from luxury finishing to easy style

Vogue Cucina & Arredo is an official Cesar dealer

A company that pays close attention to the environment. With its Yara model, it made the dream of the ecological kitchen come true, since it is the first kitchen with doors certified by the Forest Stewardship Council and Idroleb panels certified as releasing the lowest formaldehyde emissions in the world. With its vast selection of available finishes, you can create your kitchen to meet your personal needs for appearance and price.


Minacciolo: the dream of a country home

Vogue Cucina & Arredo is an official Minacciolo dealer

For over forty years, Minacciolo has been one of the undisputed leaders in country furnishings whose unmistakable style makes broad use of pastel shades, soft lines and solid natural wood of exceptional quality. Since 2001, Minacciolo has also offered the English Mood collection, with a different approach to country style that makes the furnishings suited for any residential setting.



Our showroom can be reached in only 25 minutes from the center of Como. Take the Briantea state road toward Inverigo/Arosio.

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